Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Appreciating the Bic Lighter

I've always carried a Bic Lighter while backpacking, but it wasn't till I saw this post that I really appreciated that tiny device:

As my pal Thad put it a few years ago: “The humble Bic lighter is in fact the pinnacle of human technical achievement and fairly close to a techno–religious talisman. In a completely integrated package, every significant detail of human evolution (the opposable thumb, mastery of fire, and control of various materials) is embodied. Plus it fits nicely in the pocket and comes in a rainbow of pretty colors.”

Wow, good points.

I like the insight about using a Bic Lighter as a gift or trade item. Heck, maybe they would make cool company schwag - what with the power one of these guys contains.

It really is easy to ignore the wonders around us - be they man made or natural.

Oh, and these days when I do carry a lighter, I usually carry a Scripto Tiny Lite rather than a Bic Mini because it's a little smaller.

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