Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Bat Mitzvah Begins

Exciting times in the Simon Family - my niece is having her Bat Mitzvah tomorrow! What a thrill it was tonight to get the fam together from near and far, all for such a wonderful occasion.

I'm having a bit of a "holy smokes, I'm ooooooold!" moment with this event. I remember going to kids Bar and Bats - and now my brother has a kid old enough to be having her own. How is that possible??

Tonight I took, oh, about 204 photos. But, I've yet to figure out what's Kosher to post, and what isn't. So, I'll just post these two photos that I'm fairly certain are safe.

Exhibit A: the Kosher Chinese food my Brother and Sister-in-Law brought in for dinner tonight. Man, it was delicious. And to top it off, along with a wide variety of Chinese options, they had hot dogs and french fries, too. This is absolutely something Shira and I would do, and was a huge treat. You may be thinking, was this really a bloggable meal? Yes, definitely. It was epic.

Exhibit B: Here's 4 generations of Simon men. No scotch in hand like usual, but we're all absolutely thrilled to be here.

Hopefully more photos to come and perhaps more yummy food after the ceremony tomorrow.

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