Monday, February 27, 2012

The First Three Steps to a Successful Passover

This weekend I've finally emerged from denial: Passover is most definitely coming. To that end, I tackled the first three critical steps:

  1. Freaked out. I went through the usual repertoire of kvetching, including: "Why doesn't anyone tell me Passover is right around the corner?!", "We don't have nearly enough time to prepare, now!", "Last year went so smoothly, this year we're toast!" and of course, "Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh, Passssssooooovvvveeeerrrrr!"
  2. Initiated Operation "clean out the freezer" which involves the following challenge to myself: for every meal I eat, have it including something from the freezer. This morning I found and resurrected a random frozen bagel. This weekend I discovered some ancient pizza. It's tons of fun. It truly is amazing what the right combination of microwaving and toaster-ovening a frozen item can produce.
  3. Stocked up on the most critical supplies. See:

I figure, as long as I keep joking about, Passover can't come sneaking up on me...


  1. Do you avoid kitniot?

  2. Sure do. Or, make a valiant attempt at it.

  3. I was just curious, as I'm vegan and well... I would go pretty hungry without beans, lentils, etc. :-)

    From what I understand, vegans often follow Sephardic traditions for Passover.

  4. Yeah, it's a massive change from what I'm used to.

    Fortunately, I eat eggs and meat - so there's still plenty for me to choose from. In fact, it's nice to kind of switch things up for a week.

    The vegans-follow-sephardic traditions seems like a smart move. Otherwise, you'd be hurting.