Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review: Canon 55-250mm IS II Lens

My Mother-in-Law came through and got me a most excellent present: a Canon 55-250mm IS II lens for my relatively new EOS t3i.

I was impressed with the size of the lens. It's about an inch longer than the 28-55mm kit lens, which means that it's not a big leap from what I was used to already. It didn't strike me as particularly heavy, but was definitely noticeable as I schlepped the camera along for a walk tonight.

While snapping off random photos tonight, I was pleased with the reach the lens gave me, and found that I managed to get sharp photos even as I was running out of daylight.

Here's a few random snapshots that probably don't do the lens justice. I keep promising myself that I'm not going to overdo it on photography equipment. I want to keep my setup light enough that I'll bring it with me on my travels. So far, I've been able to do that, and I'm thinking that given the weight to functionality ratio, the lens was a worthy addition to the kit.

I've ordered a case for the lens. When it arrives, perhaps I'll create an updated gear list that corresponds to the EOS t3i.

What lens or gear should I be wishing for next? I've got a 50mm on the list, and that's about it.

That second last photo is a close up of Bank of America ATM. Shira was making a deposit, so I snapped a few photos. As we were walking a way, a bank employee and security guard approached me and asked why I was photographing the ATM. I kindly explained I had a new lens I was playing with and even showed her the photo. It was all very surreal. I guess I can't blame them, as the branch had been robbed a few weeks back.

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