Monday, February 13, 2012

Grandpa Would Agree: Vodka can improve your problem solving skills

Ask my grandpa, and he'd probably tell you that there's little that can't be improved by a shot or two of scotch. And, apparently, science agrees with him:

Getting a buzz from booze may boost creativity. Men who drank themselves tipsy solved more problems demanding verbal resourcefulness in less time than sober guys did, a new study finds.

Sudden, intuitive insights into tricky word-association problems occurred more frequently when men were intoxicated but not legally drunk, say psychology graduate student Andrew Jarosz of the University of Illinois at Chicago and his colleagues. Sober men took a more deliberative approach to this task.

Read the entire article here.

I knew gradpa was a genius.

Access to Idea Juice any time of the day - yet another advantage of working from home.

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