Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Dieting Advice

I have two main rules for meals. One involves serving sizes, which I'll spare you, and the other one is quite simply: eat dessert after every meal. No seriously, every meal. No matter which meal, no matter how small. Dessert makes it better.

Why this sage advice? Oh, so many reasons:

  • You'll eat less at the meal if you know that you're going to be having desert
  • Dessert officially ends the meal, and you won't keep snacking afterwards
  • Because you know you're going to have dessert after every meal, you'll make the desserts you do eat smaller
  • Life is short!

And guess what? Science now agrees with me! From theweek.com:

Can dessert for breakfast help you lose weight?
New research suggests that, in the early morning, you can have your cake and shed pounds too
A new study from Tel Aviv University finds that eating a small dessert as part of a balanced breakfast can actually help you shed unwanted pounds

OK, so they were talking about dessert after breakfast, not every meal. But if a little dessert is good, wouldn't a lot be better?

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