Friday, February 24, 2012

I Have To Do This: S24O

I just blogged about what I'm never going to do,so it only seems fitting to blog about something I most definitely do want to do: a S24O.

And what's an S24O? Glad you asked:

A S24O (pronounced “Es-Two-Four-Oh”) was coined by Grant Peterson of Rivendell. It is a sub-24 hour overnight bike camping trip. The beauty is that it takes little time commitment (less than 24 hours) and if you forget something in your packing, it’s not the end of the world.

More info here and here.

I'm all for long trips, but the idea of being able to a short burst (sub-24hr) adventure really appeals to me too. Our one or two night backpacking trips are so much fun, I'm sure an overnight bike trip would be too. The best part is that the trip can start right from your driveway. That's instant adventure.

When the whether gets nice, I'm so going to nudge Shira into doing one of these.

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