Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ben's Next Must Have (or Test?) Gadget

Thanks to Nick for pointing me to the Endgadget article announcing the new Sidekick.

Oh man, do I want to get play with one of these. If they could nail the camera and battery life this time, I'd be such a happy camper. From a look around, it seems as though the basics of the device have stayed the same. Why didn't they add WiFi? And what's up with this MySpace app. I thought MySpace was so last year. Still, the recipe of the Sidekick is pretty good, so I'm not too concerned they haven't added to it.

Nick also mentioned that T-mobile is now offering the Blackberry Curve. The Curve looks like it has it all - WiFi, GPS, Qwerty keyboard, etc. - so I'm going to have to play with it thoroughly before I settle on the Sidekick.

My mantra for this next cell purchase will be: Test, Test, Test. If I keep saying that enough, maybe I'll actually do it.

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  1. Actually the Blackberry curve comes in two flavors, one with WiFi and one with GPS. AT&T chose the version with builting GPS, while T-Mobile has selected the one with WiFi for use with their @Home service