Monday, September 03, 2007

A Quiet Monday For The Blog

If all goes as planned, you won't see any blog posts on today - Monday. OK, you'll see this one, but that's it.

Shira and I struck a deal - she would let me do what I wanted to do on Sunday, and she would have Monday.

So I lived it up Sunday - mowing the lawn, getting a run in and lots of blogging. She even took me out to dinner at Eli's Kosher Restaurant. Mmmm, Kosher meat.

But, today is now Monday. I doubt she has blogging on her list of things she plans to do today. She may take away my phone altogether, for that matter.

One big difference in our days - I had a written plan for what I wanted to get done, and crossed things off as it happened. She doesn't have such a plan. She thinks I'm crazy for having such a plan. She thinks I'm crazy in general.

See all ya'll Tuesday!

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