Sunday, September 02, 2007

My How We've Grown

Hard to believe that when Teresa planted a little rosebush in our front "garden" area it would thrive so well.

It's now as tall as Shira and was in serious need of a thinning. So today, I took the clippers to it, to give it a haircut. I could have done 3 minutes of research to make sure I was trimming the right parts the right ways, but what the heck. That would take all the fun out of this project.

I was actually curious what would happen if I let the bush grow, and allow nature to take its course. This would be a little exercise in Darwin's survival of the fittest - assuming the plan would correct itself for its own growth. But, the plant appeared to be on its way to be growing both sentient and large enough to swallow the house. This is mishugas I so don't need.

Out came the clippers and ended was my experiment.


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