Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A View From The Top (Of Arlington)

Yesterday was a no-blogging day. But Shira made an exception and allowed me to capture a few photos from one the little adventures we had.

Shira took me to the bar at the top of the Double Tree in Pentagon City. Not only does the bar have a really nice view of the area, but the room rotates, so it's always changing.

Between planes landing at National Airport, the Pentagon, the Air Force Memorial and traffic on 395, there's quite a bit to see.

There wasn't much vegetarian on the menu - but we made do with some tasty cheese quasodias quesadillas (geesh, how the heck do you spell that?!).

If I was a dating man (which thank heavens I'm not), I'd probably use this place as a first or second date locale. Of course, the fact that I'm recommending this, and haven't been on a first or second date in over 11 years, is probably reason enough to avoid this recommendation.


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