Thursday, September 20, 2007

Review: Dune

18 CDs later, and I'm done with Frank Herbert 's Dune. Overall, I have to say I'm impressed.

As I mentioned earlier, I was highly skeptical of the book (well, the genre really) - but I quickly took to it. It managed to keep my interest , though I have to admit some of the parts seem to drag a bit. Though with a story arc that's really long, the slow parts were more than reasonable.

The whole desert world, with its invented technology and challenges turned out to be especially fun to read about. Also, surprisingly, I enjoyed the whole description of the character's super natural / prophetic abilities. Unlike most books, it tried to explain these traits in surprising detail.

I keep hearing from those I've mention my enjoyment of this book to, that the sequels don't match the original. I'm not ready for a let down, so I think I'll pass on the additional books for now. Not to mention, at 18 CDs, who has the time for books like this?

I give Dune a 9.2/10 - it was an excellent way to dig into Sci-Fi / Fantasy.


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