Monday, September 24, 2007

Field Testing My ER-6 Headphones

I've been enjoying the pair of Etymotic Research ER-6 headphones
( my parents bought me a while back. They are
both noise canceling and earbud style, which at first seemed a
contradiction to me.

Yesterday was the first time I tried using them while mowing the lawn.
Surprisingly, the podcast I was listening came through loud and clear.
I could still hear the law mower and other ambient noise, which I think
was a good thing. In the past when I've tried mowing the lawn with a
pair of earbud headphones on, all I've heard was engine noise.

The ER-6's have a form factor which is basically that of ear plugs.
This makes them a bit invasive, as you cram them deep into your ears.
However, they are effective, and once you get used to their fit, are
comfortable (considering they are earbuds and all).

Today's podcast was a recording of a talk by Barry Flicker on the topic
of project managment
( Hearing
him try to convince agile tech companies that project managment
formalization isn't evil was impressive. Though I'm not done yet with
the presentation, so I'm not sure if it has a happy ending.


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