Sunday, September 02, 2007

Updating My Look

Shira and I are doing the classic American Holiday activity - shopping.

This time, I'm letting Shira dabble with changing my standard t-shirt, khaki shorts and jeans look that has sufficed, since, oh I don't know, elementary school.

We tried among other items corduroy shorts, and brown cargo pants. Seriously, I haven't worn corduroy since before elementary school.

All items were a flop, because...well, because they don't match my current look. How's that for circular reasoning?

Even after 9 years, Shira still has a lot of work left to do. Baby steps - at least she got me to try stuff on.


1 comment:

  1. Hah! I've been letting my wife pick out/buy all my clothes for over 8 years, now. I'm happy to unload that responsibility on someone else.

    She doesn't even need me there, half the time, and isn't afraid to buy something, knowing full well there's a good chance she'll have to return it.

    Works out great. I hate shopping, especially for clothes, and she knows what "goes together" and what doesn't (I'm *slowly* learning some of these things, but not enough to buy my own clothes).