Friday, February 06, 2009

12 Eductional Uses Of Twitter, And Another Publishing Platform

While playing around with Twitter and Google Spreadsheets I came across this fun presentation: 12 Educational Uses For Twitter.

The presentation has some simple, but clever ideas, to have kids and parents benefit from Twitter. Twitter happens to work well, because it's so drop dead easy, you need a minimal amount of setup and training to get value from it.

What I found equally impressive to the information, was how it was presented - as a Google Presentation. This makes for a step-by-step presentation, rather than say a blog post or other mainly textual format. Usually, to have this sort of user experience, you'd need a website to host your content on - not so with this approach. Just create your Google Presentation and the URL with the world.

I'm constantly amazed with the tools that are available to let people publish to large audiences, For Free. A Google Presentation is, of course, just one more option to add to the dozens if not hundreds out there. But, for the right person and project, it could be the absolute best way to go.

Check out the presentation to see what I mean.

Thanks to JMGubbins for mentioning the link.

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