Sunday, February 15, 2009

Voice Mail That Works

One of the coolest features of the iPhone has to be the voice mail handling. Instead of calling in for your voice mail messages, they are downloaded automatically to the phone and you can play them like they were an audio file on your device. They become as easy to manage as e-mail or SMS messages.

No more trying to remember if pressing 7 deletes or saves your message.

This is such obvious functionality once you've used it, why did it take so long to appear?

I was disappointed that my new G1 doesn't offer this kind of support. But, it turns out, you can easily add it in - heck, it's even free.

Just install PhoneFusion+ from the Android Market and follow the setup instructions.

It even allows you to access your voice mail from your desktop/laptop via their website.

So far, the app is working great.

And here's the best part - PhoneFusion isn't tied to the T-mobile G1. They cover a whole range of platforms, including BlackBerry devices.

Shira installed the software earlier today on her Curve, and it works great.

Check them out - - and get a glimpse of how voice mail should really work.


  1. Do you think this will work overseas or will it fall into the same issues we were talking about when it comes to international roaming and call forwarding?

  2. It will have the same issues, unfortunately. You just switched the number it is forwarding to, but it is still forwarding to a number, and therefore they will still charge you for the call.

  3. Hi Ben! This is Bianca with PhoneFusion and I just wanted to say thank you for the nice review! The developers are always looking for ways to enhance and improve the app so please let us know of ways you think we can do that! Thanks again! You can email me @!

  4. Hey Bianca -

    Thanks for the comment and letting me know you guys are listening.

    If I have any comments, I'll definitely send them your way. Though, right now, I can tell you that PhoneFusion is clearly my favorite app for my G1.


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