Thursday, February 26, 2009

England's Roads as Theme Park Ride

So, we did something a bit unusual this trip - we rented a car. Shira was ready to tackle this whole driving on the left thing. She's done a smashing job so far!

Here's a short clip of her navigating the back roads of England:

I don't think the video comes close to capturing what it was like to be sitting, in what's usually the driver's seat, seeing folks whiz towards me on the wrong side of the road. Who needs Space Mountain, when you've got this?

A couple of observations / tips for driving in England:

  • Roundabouts (traffic circles) are a Good Thing over here, so don't fear them. They'll keep you from making right hand turns, which are surprisingly tricky.
  • Regardless of the cost, rent a GPS. Wow, this place would be dang near impossible to navigate without one.
  • If you're entering a roundabout, and there are two lanes, here's the logic you can use to decide which lane to be in: If you're getting off at the first exit in the roundabout, be in the left lane. If you're getting off at any other exit, be in the right lane.
  • Once you're in the roundabout, you've got the right of way, so you can keep circling, without fear that someone will pull in front of you (well, that's the theory anyway)

On the balance, it's been wondering driving over here and its certainly given us access to parts of the country we wouldn't normally see.

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