Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just Call Me Metal Mouth

When I was like 12 years old I had braces and this metal bar installed behind my bottom teeth. Well, a few years ago I had the bar removed as it was annoying.

The result is that these years later, my bottom teeth are out of whack.

But, good news, they can fix it. It's just going to take - you guessed it - braces.

Argh. Braces, again? I didn't like this experience the first time around, how am I going to enjoy it now?

OK, I'm totally living this up - I'm going to get neon ties for my braces, that's what all the cool kids are getting these days.

Also, if all goes as planned, I'll only need them on for 6 months. That's not too bad, is it?

Plus, it is kind of fun to watch them cope with a 6ft tall patient. They had to spend a few minutes adjusting the x-ray machine from 4' 2" kid sized, to Ben sized 6'. I wonder if I'll fit in their chairs? In another month, I'll know.

Argh. Reliving the awkward parts of your childhood isn't nearly as fun as you'd think it would be.


  1. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Ahh sorry to hear you have to get braces again. I had braces when I was 12ish, too, and then got them again a few years ago, at age 27ish. It was an experience. I'm not interested in getting them a third time, though, so I've worn my retainers as directed, religiously.

    I posted a few blog entries about braces, a couple years ago, when an adult friend got them. I shared some knowledge and tips based on my own recent experience with braces as an adult.

    If you haven't read them already, you might benefit from doing so:

    1. tips for anyone who just got braces

    2. Info/tips for people with braces (#2)

    3. Tips for people with braces - Part 3

    I have more material that I've been meaning to post for a long time. If you're interested, let me know and I'll be more motivated to "get around to it." :)

  2. Dave -

    Thanks for the reminder about the braces post! Now I remember that you wrote them. Little did I know, how handy they would be.

    And yes, it looks like I've got a lifetime of retainer wearing ahead of me too. Argh.

    Of course, my dentist already convinced (conned?) me into wearing a mouth guard, so, no big deal there.

    Thanks for the advice!