Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Drinking Problem

I don't think the photo does my desk at this moment justice - I've got quite a collection of glasses here. I really need to figure out a better algorithm for returning them to the kitchen. Whatever I'm doing, it isn't working.

And before you ask, the answer is: "that clear liquid in them is water."


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I'm thinking we can jimmy some kind of "glass chute" down to the kitchen (much like the famous simon laundry chute). Is Shira up for sledge hammering a few holes in the wall?

  2. Let's do it!

    I know Shira's going to approve, so I won't even bother her with asking.

    We'll need tools from HomeDepot, and perhaps a bit of TNT...should be a fun project.

  3. or just a really big glass... one that you only need to fill it once a day

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Big glass!? Where's the damage in that? No, actually, i'm thinking some time of pulley system from your bedroom window to the kitchen window outside (completely inclosed). Then there's a remote control (usb compatible of course) robotic arm that sits outside (or inside) the cabinet, and you simply load a new glass into the pulley system, after somehow filling it with water...okay so it's a work in progress! I'll have to figure a way to move the one down from the room and still pick a new one up, without expending so much effort as to make the trip downstairs a shorter adventure.

    Basically, i see the answer in some form of a rube goldberg machine.

  5. I like it Dave...

    But what if we went simpler?

    I'll run the hose up the side of the house, through the window, and when I get thirsty, open up the nozzle.

    What could be easier?

  6. Anonymous3:51 PM

    But ben, is the problem the water or the glasses? If you had unlimited water would you only need the one glass, or do you purposely switch glasses? If all you need is water that is "pushed" to your desk area, then we can just setup an in-home system from your bathroom, within the room already (split it between the bathroom and the desk), which can be filtered. Then all we need is an under the desk ice maker. Hmm, or just put in a water and ice-maker machine next to your tower (or part of it, think of the built in cooling system for your computer), and just run piping from your bathroom to your desk. We could do that (no we can') and we would get to put holes in the walls or floors still. Hmm.