Sunday, February 08, 2009

Scan Your Own Groceries - A Super Market Surprise

Giant by us now allows you to walk into the store, grab a hand scanner, scan and bag your groceries while shopping, and then pay in the front.

I have to say, it does appear to be a time saving - and even fun - activity.

I give Giant a lot of credit for this program. I can think of many reasons, the least of which being theft, that makes this idea "impossible."

Rather than waiting for their competitors to innovate, they are leading the pack. Well done. At the end of the day, Wegmans and Harris Teeter can copy everything Giant does, except their willingness to innovate.



  1. Not sure how much time it actually saves, my wife thinks it would add time to her "routine" Of course I will HAVE to try it out for myself sometime.

    I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

  2. sounds like it could be a time saver after some practice... I was actually curious what those scanners were for but was too lazy to investigate... and while I think it may be fun to try, I don't think Lauren will have the same opinion...she'll probably complain that I'm playing with my food too much

  3. It actually saved time not having to stand in line behind 3 people with carts full of groceries. Now, this was with shopping with two people, one to scan, one to bag.

    I would do it again.