Sunday, February 08, 2009

Getting Warmed At Dave's House

Shira and I hit my bro David's house warming party. What a good time! Lots of great food, and Dave's roomates and friends were lots of fun.

I even engaged in what I'd like to propose as the Simon House Warming Triathlon. It consists of a strength zapping game of Bocce Ball, a grueling round of Make And Eat Your Own Sundae and finally an endurance pushing game of foosball. You'll want to train heavily before attempting these activities - this is serious business.

Oh, and while I did well at foosball, Shira still beat me. She's been doing that since 7th grade.

Awesome party Dave!



  1. Many thanks for the TH Rocky Road, Dave! It was superb.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    My pleasure Shira. Besides, no party that includes both ice cream and my sister-in-law will ever be thrown without Rocky Road. That's a house rule (I'll write it on the front porch).

    Again, I'm so glad you guys came and had a good time. I have to say, Ben was quite a hit, although there was a slight concern the Bocce ball tournament could turn bloody.

    Can't wait till it gets warmer still and we barbeque the night away :)