Monday, February 23, 2009

Most Generous Casino Ever

I was quite surprised that the casino here in London offers free WiFi. That strikes me as both insecure and a distraction. But hey, what do I care, I just think they are being nice.

Someone did approach me as I snapped this photo of the casino floor - it was a fellow gambler who asked of this was in fact a G1.

The best part of this is that we aren't playing with real money - it's £ - which is essentially monoploly money, right?

-Ben (live from a London Casino)


  1. ok wait a minute. Traveling to the UK, taking in historical sights during the day, hitting a Casino at night! All of this while actually being able to do work as well?

    I kinda hate you right about now.

  2. Yeah, Monopoly money that's worth nearly twice as much as a dollar. :-)