Sunday, February 01, 2009

The game changer

This shot was taken as the Cardinals were inches away from a touchdown (to tie the game) and instead handed the Steelers a 99yrd touchdown.

While we're at half time, it's probably game over at this point.

On a good note - we had a fantastic time watching the game with cousin's Brendan and Juilia. They've got hosting a superbowl party down to a science. Super food, fun people and of course Shelly for entertainment. We had a fantastice time.

OK, Cardinals - you've got 2 quarters to pull out a victory. Go get 'em!


Update: Wow, what a game! 2:30 left and Cardinals just pulled ahead. If they win this one, it'll the biggest comeback in Superbowl history. Guess I shouldn't be in the game calling business...


  1. Nope, you called it right the first time around. :-)

  2. So true Sis - but was certainly a close game!