Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogging From The Field

Here it is, my first official blog post from the an Apple Store. How cool do I feel?

Here are some thoughts going through my head as I wait for my Genius Bar appointment to start:

  • This mac keyboard is funky. Oh, and this mouse is cute.
  • Everything in here is so pretty
  • The Genius Bar - what an awesome idea. Why doesn't anyone else do this?
  • Why is this place always so busy?
  • This is by far the most intimidating store in the mall. All these people seem to belong to a club that I'm not part of
  • I wonder if this browser will save my blogger password and I'll find random posts from individuals on it?
  • Are they going to come over here and ask me if I want to buy a mac? Oh gosh, I hope not.
  • My T-mobile G1 is so chunky compared to the iPhone I picked up. Mine is a Chevy, theirs is a Porsche
  • Where the heck is the Home key on this keyboard?
  • I better stop now, before I miss my appointment...

Oh, this has been actually kind of fun.

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