Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Flat Morning

Uh oh, I think it's going to be one of those days. I hopped in the car to head to minyan this morning, only to get a block away and realize the front left tire was flat.


Think anyone would care if I went back to bed and took today as a loss?

Update: I just completely surrendered my manhood by calling Acura Care to have some Real Man come out and change my tire. I figured, we already pay for the Acura Care service, why not use it? And besides, the amount of time it would take me to change the tire, I could be doing billable work - so isn't it smarter for me to leave it to the pros? Still, I totally feel like a pansy having someone else change my tire. Stupid ego.

Update: I was partially vindicated for taking the chicken way out and calling in the pros. When the tech put on the spare, he found that it was in fact flat. He had to use his compressor to blow it up again. This means, that had I changed it myself I would still have needed to call them, as I don't own a compressor. Or, I could look at it as: I just missed out on a great reason to buy an air compressor!


  1. hey no shame is getting what you already pay for... you wouldn't go to a restaurant and cook your own food would you?

  2. Excellent point Nick!

  3. We don't pay for Acura care. It is "free". Well, I mean we paid for it, I'm sure, but if we never use it, then we're not getting full value.

    Their only negative: no hotel discounts.