Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Site of the day:

While poking around LifeHacker I came across The site's concept is simple: it provides a single source to reliably archive your text messages.

I've actually been wanting a site like this for some time. My mom is a text messaging guru, and between her and the rest of the family, it's become of the standard for exchanging information. Knowing that I'll be able to pull up important bits of information, like phone numbers and dates, even if I delete the messages off my phone, is really handy.

I also think it will be interesting to look back at the collections of messages that are sent during important life events. While a single message may not capture the emotion of a hospitalization or the announcement of a new job, having the stream of all messages exchanged may be able to do just this.

While the service works with any mobile phone, it works especially well with the Android as there's an app that automagically does the archiving for you. Still, if you have an older phone, this service may be especially important as you may have limits as to how many messages you can save.

Oh, and it's the right price to use - free. Go, check it out.

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