Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Choosing a publishing platform - Blogs, Wikis, Oh My

I was talking to a client the other day about the best way for him to publish on the web. Two obvious choices are to setup a blog or setup a wiki. But, how should he choose the right platform? After mulling this over, here's the advice I gave him:

Choose blog software your primary goal is the accumulation of information; choose wiki software when your primary goal is refinement of information.

At the risk of over simplifying matters: blogs are for quantity, wikis are for quality.

In other words - while both blogs and wikis are collaborative, and can start with a small seed of content, their finished products can look significantly different.

A few reminders:

  • There's free software for hosting your own blog or wiki available
  • There are free services that allow you to start blogging or wiki'ing with no tech experience needed
  • There are blogging options and wiki options that don't look like traditional blogs or wikis, yet allow you publish information as described above.


  1. well put... I'll be quoting you in the 'web2.0' plan I'm doing for work

  2. How about:

    Blogs are for publishing; wikis are for collaborating.

  3. Nick - by all means :-)

    Grant -

    That's one way to slice things up. However, you can have more than one person publishing to a blog, which is kinda-sorta-a-way of collaborating. I guess you're collaborating less on the individual content and more on the building out of the site.

    But still, point taken.

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