Friday, September 04, 2009

Walking Chicago With The Fam

Shira and I are in Chicago for my cousin's upcoming wedding and had a chance today to explore the city with my parents and brother. My parents grew up in Chicago, and while we've been to the area a great number of times, we haven't spent all that much time downtown.

My Dad and Mom took us on an informal walking tour of the area. We found out the site of the Woolworths they used to visit on Christmas Eve to watch the chaos, and the park that my Grandpa forbade my dad from taking my mom to (and of course, did).

I also tried to pay special attention to the architecture of the area. Come to think of it, I can recall a city that had such a nice mix of new and interesting buildings interspersed so perfectly among older, classic ones. Even someone like myself who has so little knowledge about this sort of thing could appreciate this.

It was definitely a wonderful way to start off what's sure to be an excellent weekend.

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