Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Google Translate Meets Google Spreadsheets

I just learned that Google Spreadsheets has added a new function: GoogleTranslate(text,from,to). It works just as you would expect, allowing you to translate from among dozens(?) of languages. While I'm not sure yet how I'd use this feature, I have a hunch it'll be really useful.

Here's a toy example:

Other possibilities: Mix the admin interface idea with translations, to automate the creation of multi-lingual apps; store text on sheet, the translation on another, and create a sort of basic flashcard system.


  1. Well I see the problem already... Google speaks terrible Spanish! "Is that vegetarian?" should translate as "Este (esta) es vegetariano(a)?" And "tip" as in a gratuity is "propina," not "punta." (Punta is the literal tip, like of a pencil.)

  2. Jerseygirl77 -

    Details, details. Machine translation is always fairly goofy...but all things considered, it's better than nothing.