Thursday, May 06, 2010

6 Month Exposures and other cool photograph hacks

Suppose you wanted to capture an incredibly long photography exposure - like say, 6 months. You'd think you'd need some pretty sophisticated gear, right?

Turns out, you need little more than a soda can and some black duct tape. The solution? A pin hole camera. has simple instructions for building and taking these eerie photos - they're definitely worth checking out. The Smilecam is especially clever:

The SmileyCam is made up of a 110 film with a handmade pinhole plate fixed onto the front ready for use. The precision hole is 0.18 (a sixth) of 1mm in diameter giving an effective aperture of f180

Qualities of the image.
It has unlimited depth of field - Everything is in focus, from the pinhole to infinity, giving a bug's eye view of the world.
The cameras are virtually indestructible - enabling the camera to go where none other has feared to tread!
It can: take time exposures and see beyond our vision.
Viewfinder-less photography enables you to just ponder on what something might look like and give it a bash! and most importantly, it can fit in ones mouth (for large mouths only!).

Of course, the fun doesn't stop with taking the photos - you've also got develop them. Reading about this brought back some fun memories of hanging out in the dark room in high school. Ahhh, good times.

It's definitely fun stuff, and if I ever get the free time - something I hope to get to play with.

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