Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Front Porch Gets A Facelift

For some time now, we've been meaning to have our front porch upgraded from lack-luster (dare I say, run down?) wood to something a lot shinier. And luckily, a friend of Shira's connected her to Odd's N' Ed's - a local builder who was perfect for the job.

We weren't dissapointed.

He removed the old wood that was there, and replaced it with ChoiceDek - a composite (read: plastic + wood substitue). I'm told it's very low maintenace, which is a very good thing. It's even on the green side, as the decking is made from plastic bags and such.

I find that people tend to love or hate their builders with not much inbetween. With us, as I said, we're totally happy. Ed's operation was efficient, highly detailed oriented and he totally hit (if not exceeded) our expecatations.

I don't have a good Before photo handy, but here's how it looks now. Trust me, it's a vast improvement.

Time will tell if ChoiceDek was the way to go - but so far, so good.

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