Tuesday, May 11, 2010

YouTube Disco - An Easy Way To Discover New Music

I've already mentioned that YouTube can be a great place to find pretty much any song by any artists. But, recently, I've been using it to discover new artists I've never heard of. The tool of choice: Disco. Just type in an artist or song, and you'll get an instant playlist associated with that artist:

As the videos play, YouTube will offer related videos, which are often related songs and further auto generated disco lists.

Often times, I'll just let a Disco list play through, and add songs that especially interest me to my own playlists. Later on, I can play my own Best Of music selections.

I remember scoffing at Google's acquisition of YouTube for over a billion dollars - and just about every day, I see more and more, that it may have been a smart move. I'm not sure I see a billion dollars of value, but it's getting there.

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