Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An iPad Case Review with Sass

I stumbled on this iPad case review, and found myself chuckling way more often than I would have expected. Sure, there are quite a few irreverent parts, and it's not meant to be read by kids -- but, it sure is funny.

The upshot of the reviewer is that your iPad needs a war era Map Case, not some fancy schmancy modern case. And what's a map case?

It's a case for maps, those pieces of paper your great-grandfather used to figure out exactly what part of Omaha Beach he'd overshoot by a few miles or what part of Poland looked most ripe for annexing. They were precious. Replacing a lost map took time. There was a severe shortage of Epson printers in the forward positions of a battlefield.

Give it a read. I'm no more interested in buying an iPad (I remain unconvinced that it it'll be a long term home run) but I'll sure keeping my eye out for the bags he highlights.

The same author tackles an even more delicate issue: does the iPad make the man purse OK? I'm with him, it sure would be nice if I didn't have to schlep all my crap in my cargo pants pockets. I want my man [socially accepted] bag.

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