Sunday, May 02, 2010

This Is Going To Leave A Mark (at least I hope so)

Whenever I visit my Sister and Brother-in-Law, I always marvel at how organized their Kosher kitchen is. They've got stickers reminding folks where the dairy dishes and meat dishes live. I've tried to get that organized -- specifically, I've tried marking the random kitchen items we've accumulated over the years as either milk or meat. I've used various markers and other approaches (including duct tape, of course) - but really haven't had much luck.

I think I've finally found a winning solution: the Diamond Tip Engraver Pen. This title makes this device out to be a lot fancier than it is. It's basically a small battery powered motor connected to a tip that vibrates. I guess the tip has a tiny nugget of diamond in it, which does the scraping.

On Amazon, the the pen gets mixed reviews -- but I for one like it. I'm able to mark up everything from frying pans to tupperware with zero effort. It's true that it's hard to make accurate and precision engraving -- but for a quick M (for milk or F (for fleishig - aka meat) it works great.

Yeah, I'd have the jeweler engrave your wedding rings, don't attempt to use this device to do so.

But for $6.00 (including shipping), this is a really handy device and one that every home should have in it. Even if you don't need to mark up your dishes, I'm sure you'll find a need for it.

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