Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Case Of The Mysterious Green Toe

This morning, I'm getting our little guy dressed dressed, and noticed two of his toes had slivers of green skin near the toe nail. My first thought: oh crap, fungal infection.

My second thought: is gangrene really green?

This isn't good. Could this fungus be flesh eating? Will he lose a toe on my account?

On the trip to day care, I'm thinking this over. Then it hits me. I walk in, see the teacher and casually ask: any chance the kids were painting with their feet yesterday?. Why yes they were, was the response.

I have a big internal sigh of relief, and applaud myself for not calling 911 or visiting the ER.

I proudly call Shira with my story, to which she replies, of course it was paint you fool.

Regardless, I'm pleased that I was able to figure out this mystery. Kids, like women, are a constant mystery, and I'll take any little victory I can.

Note to self, The Guide's advice still holds:Don't Panic.

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