Sunday, May 23, 2010

John Clements, Tree Expert, To The Rescue

The other day, Shira tells me I'm in charge of getting the trees trimmed on our property. Besides getting overgrown, some are beginning to rub against the house. Chafing is always bad, no?

For about .02 seconds I consider doing the job myself. But then I decide I'd like to keep all my digits, and that this is way out of my league.

I really want to add this new task to the bottom of my TODO list and just hope it goes away. But given the tone Shira used to assign this job to me, I know that's not going to happen.

So I do a search on Craiglist and up pops John Celements, Tree Expert. I'm impressed. I drop him an e-mail on a Saturday night. Within a few hours, he's gotten back to me and is ready to come by on Sunday for the estimate. I'm even more impressed.

He comes by for the estimate, and I take him through what I'm looking to have done. He totally gets it, gives me a fair price, and we pick a date for it to happen. The date gets rained out, but he contacts me via cell phone with plenty of lead time so I know what's going on. A new date is picked. I continue to be impressed.

As luck would have it, the date we pick is one where I'm not working from home. He comes by, does the work, and leaves the place absolutely immaculate. You'd have no idea anyone was there, except, now the trees look just like I hoped they would.

The whole thing happened so fast, and so smoothly, I didn't even have a chance to take Before photos. Now that's impressive.

So, if you need a tree guy, who's honest, reliable, and appears to take on jobs of any size - I've got your man.

Here's a few After photos - trust me, this is an improvement. Best of all, no more chafing. I hate chafing.

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