Friday, May 21, 2010

Music Creation Meets Computer Gaming

I was kicking around YouTube looking for music when I found this song. Even if you aren't a trance/electronic music person, give it a quick listen:

I have to say, I liked it. And here's the part that really surprised me: according to the author it was created using the PlayStation Game MTV Music Generator (aka PlayStation Music 2000). That is, it wasn't a professional musician who created this song, but someone playing a video game.

What an awesome reminder that computer games have the power to teach people to create, just as much as they have the power to teach people to destroy. (Not that there's anything wrong with games that blow stuff up...)

If your kids aren't learning valuable lessons from computers, don't blame the computer (or the industry) -- it certainly has the potential for good. You just have to bring it out.

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