Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Clorox - Advertising That Worked

More and more, we're catching TV online, which means sitting through just a few key commercials. Usually, the commercials are pretty bad and we just suffer through them (am I really going to stop watching a TV show to check out the new Lexus?). Occasionally, like the Bud Light Golden Wheat commercials, they are entertaining. But I can't say that they've every swayed me to actually buy anything or take any action.

Until now.

Some time back, Clorox was running commercials that highlighted the many uses of its bleach. While I thought this information mildy helpful, I didn't do anything about it.

Then a few days ago, our diaper champ really started to smell. Rather than head off to the store to find some fancy schmancy cleaner, I recalled the Clorox commercial and how it mentioned disinfecting nursery gear. Bleach has a reputation for being powerful stuff, and given the odor coming from our diaper pail, it was just what we needed.

So the advertising campaign worked. I'm impressed.

Maybe the rule is: when in doubt, educate? Or at least try to connect with Real problems I have (needing a new Lexus isn't one of them...).

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