Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another Year of T&E Gardening

It's that time again -- time to hit Home Depot and buy whatever plants look pretty, and put them in the ground in whatever way seems reasonable. It's Trial & Error Gardening time!

Is it the most effective way to plant a garden? Of course not, but it sure is fun.

I even tossed out the tags that went along with each plant - sure, I could have kept them in case by some miracle the plant did well, and I'd know what to do next year. But that seems to go against the spirit of T&E gardening.

So, the plants are in, and today it looks good. Wish us luck!



Incidentally, our rose bush is still doing well. It's got a few new buds, and is greening up nicely. Here's a macro shot of one of the roses - pretty, no?

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