Sunday, May 08, 2011

Almost A Proper Dinner On The Deck.

The plan was coming together perfectly: our friends Nick and Lauren were able to pick up the deck furniture with their truck, Shira had a thank you dinner prepared and David was manning the grilling churning out perfect burgers, hot dogs and portabello mushrooms. Nick and I even managed to assemble the table and a couple of the chairs quickly enough that we were going to be able to eat on it.*

It was looking like our first meal on our deck with real deck furniture was really going to happen.

And then Mother-Nature stepped in, and the rain began. D'oh.

Oh well, the food tasted just as good inside as it would have outside, and the company was still delightful.

Best of all, I got to try out the Aquapak cell phone case my mom bought me for my birthday, to capture a few photos in the rain. I can confirm: (a) the G2 fits perfectly in it, (b) the touch screen works effortlessly through the case, (c) the camera works well too and (d) the whole setup is waterproof.

So, I guess you could say it was a win all around.

*For the record, we had 2 extra washers remaining, as well as 2 spare tiles. So yes, there were extra parts.

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