Monday, May 02, 2011

Review: SmartLENS, Photojojo Fisheye, Macro and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses

My brother picked up these cell phone camera lenses for my birthday. What first shocked me was just how heavy the lenses are - these are real glass and metal, not some plasticy hack.

They work by magnetically attaching to a metal ring they provide you with. The ring has a bit of adhesive on it to stick to your cell phone.

The ring installed on my G2, and does get awfully close to the flash - but I think the flash should continue to work just fine with the ring installed.

The magnet on on the lens is wonderfully strong - it makes a very satisfying click as it attaches to the ring, and doesn't move unless you forcefully pull it off.

As for the quality of the lenses, there too, I'm impressed. Here's a few hastily shot tests with the fish eye and macro lens:

As you can imagine, I'm really impressed with these lenses. If you're even remotely into photography, they'll be a really fun addition to your camera phone.

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