Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Your Dad Was Cool Before You Were, and Here's The Proof

You've got to love: Dads Are The Original Hipster. Sure, the photos are whacky, but the descriptions rock. Take this one on your dad's outdoor skills:

Your dad was into mother nature before you were and he has the tent popping skills to prove it. He knew that partying in the city was played out, so he stepped his game up and stepped into the great outdoors. With his Igloo cooler filled with sangria and man musk scented flannel, he marched cocksure into the wilderness. He was the Bear Grylls of his generation, but unlike Bear, he drank fragrant wine instead of his fragrant piss.

In an odd way, this may be one of the kindest sites dedicated to dads on the web.

In true Internet fashion, though, I should really dig up some old photos of my grandpa and start:

Thanks: BuzzFeed.

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