Monday, May 16, 2011

Ben's 3 Step Plan for Making Your Android G2 Run Really Fast

For weeks (maybe even months) I've been frustrated with how slow my G2 has been running. Here's how I got it running quickly today:

  1. Logged into my App Brain Account
  2. Copied all the apps from my current list to a new list I called G2 Snapshot - 5/16/2011
  3. Deleted everything on the phone that I could except a few absolute bare minimum essentials. This was actually painful to do, because my phone really was filled with all sorts of useful apps. The ones I absolutely couldn't live without include: Pandora, Xmarks Premium, Visual Voicemail, ProfileChanger, Qik and ConnectBot

And now my phone is super fast.

My plan is to add in apps either as need them, or as the occasion arises (say, my next trip, I'll install the items on my travel apps list).

Sure does feel good to have a super fast phone again.

*You do use appbrain, right? Cause you should. Really. It's essential.

1 comment:

  1. I've tried that approach before.... the only issue you may run into (I did) was that you end up filling the phone with a new slew of apps that are not in the original list.... basically I think we are all doomed.... the more good apps developers produce, the more we are going to want and the more space will will always need.