Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleep, Precious Sleep. A Bedtime Story for Adults

Oh, to get our little one to sleep. I've hoped for it, begged for it, bargained for it, prayed for it, walked miles around in circles for it, counted out loud to 100 thousands of times for it, read Good Night Moon over and over for it, listened to white noise for it, babbling brooks for it, chill music for it, walked the streets of our neighborhood at 3am with a child strapped to my chest for it, carried the whole frigg'n stroller inside for it, WD 40'd door hinges for it, laid my head down at 4am and been woke up at 4:05am for it, bounced for it and would have paid nearly any sum of money for it. Sleep. To this day, I consider a toddler that falls asleep to be a precious little miracle. And now, there's a childrens book that captures this yearning of mine.

I'm not one who usually goes in for profanity, but in this case, I'm willing to make an exception. I give you: Go The F**k To Sleep. Sure, it feels like a kids book, but the story is 100% adult.

If you look around you can find a PDF version of the book. It's worth taking a few minutes to read it and chuckle.

Lately, our 21 month old has upped the ante. Before, as a last resort, we could always leave a wide awake child in his crib to regroup (or pray that he falls asleep). As of last Friday, he's figured out how to climb out of his crib. So, yeah, he's mobile. Sleep. I'll never take it for granted again.

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