Monday, May 02, 2011

RedBox - A Convenient Source For Kid's Road-Tripping Videos

We just got back from a super quick trip to Rochester (in on Friday evening, out Sunday morning - whew). And unlike in the past, we decided we'd drive - a decision we considered a little risky, considering we'd have a 20 month old along for the ride.

He's not old enough to be enamored with TV yet, so while he has his favorite youtube video, he doesn't really have a favorite TV show or DVD.

But, with 16 hours of drive time in the car, we figured now was a good time to find one.

Usually, we'd just rent videos from the library. But, for this trip, we hadn't pick up a movie until the last minute - and the local library branch was closed. That meant a trip to the central library, which could easily have turned into an hour long affair.

Instead, Shira had a brilliant idea: rent some kids videos down the street from RedBox. In fact, using their reservation ability, Shira was able to pick out the movie from home and send me to retrieve them. I swiped my credit card and out popped two movies. It couldn't have been faster. And while they didn't have a huge selection of young kid movies, they had enough for our purposes.

And of course, this being RedBox, we could just return the movies at our destination, and optionally rent new ones for the trip home.

In the end, we only ended up watching one 30 minute episode from The Cat In Hat: Tales About Tails. After 30 minutes, our little one lost interest and was ready for a new form of entertainment. But still, those 30 minutes were precious.

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