Thursday, May 12, 2011 - The Ultimate Guys Shoe Store

For years, I've been impressed with If you're a shoe lover, how can you not love the massive selection and details (like 275 reviews of a shoe - a shoe I tell you!).

But today, as I opened up a box of running shoes that I had ordered from them, it occurred to me they are the ultimate guys shoe store.

And why is this? Because, they allow me to trivially replace my running shoes with exactly the same make, model and size I have now. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse, and two days later, my replacements show up. No worrying about shopping around. No fears that the new shoes won't fit as well as the old ones.

If you care deeply about shoes, Zappos is for you. If you couldn't care less about shoes, Zappos apparently is also for you.

Now, if they offered an automatic buying program where ever N months a fresh pair of shoes (of the same exact model I've been buying, of course) just magically appeared on my doorstep, well, that would simply be perfect.

Amazon offers this service with some products, and I use it for razor blades. No more running out and then having to go buy them at some overpriced store.

Hmmm, random thought: what if you had a business that offered the service of this automatic buying program? It wouldn't need to be limited to shoes, or any other product. The company would make any purchase off the web for you on a regular basis (from shoes, to sending flowers to your wife). You just set it, and forget it. They'd need to be experts in handling cases like when stuff goes out of stock. But that shouldn't be too difficult to handle.

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