Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Best (and Geekiest) Reality TV. Ever.

I've discovered VimGolf in Emacs and I'm officially hooked and amazed.

When I saw VimGolf I assumed it was an example of playing a game in the vim editor (what? emacs has games, shouldn't vim?). But, that wasn't quite it. Instead, VimGolf is apparently a type of challenge vimer's have com up with: how can you perform an editing task in the fewest keystrokes.

And VimGolf in Emacs is exactly what you'd suspect it would be. Tim Visher fires up his emacs and solves the VimGolf challenges. And yes, he records the session and puts it up on vimeo for all to see.

Here's an example:

VimGolf in Emacs 018 - categorize the shopping list from Tim Visher on Vimeo.

(watch the video)

Is your World Rocked? Of course it is. You're welcome.

Found via the incredibly useful Planet Emacsen, which is filled with all things emacs.

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