Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cape Town Adventure - Day 2

We woke up for the 2nd day of our Cape Town adventure surprisingly refreshed. We spent most of the day at the V&A waterfront. But, have no fear, there's a maritime musuem and aquarium there, so I learned about history and science in the process.

A big accomplishment was setting up our cell phone's to operate here. We purchased a SIM card from Vodacom, which was a pretty painless experience. The card itself cost about 2 bucks, though the minutes aren't quite as cheap. Before you can utilize your phone on an alternate network you need to get Unlocked. This used to be a somewhat sketchy process, as the phone carriers had no incentive to allow you to do this (essentially, you have a phone that's locked into them). Apparently, things have changed for the better in this department, as all I needed to do get my phone unlocked was to call T-mobile and ask them for a special code. Not sure if all cell companies are this accomodating or if T-mobile stands out in this department.

Another unexpected treat: we had the most delicious and authentic falafel today. Seriously, it was like eating on the streets of Tel Aviv.

Tomorrow we hope to get out of the city and do a bit of exploring of the nearby area. No matter what happens, driving on the left side of the road, guarantees it's going to be a big adventure!

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