Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Review: E-Z Deck Wash

About a week ago I was given an assignment: clean off the gunk on the railing of our front porch. My first attempt involved soap, water and a sponge. Turns out, whatever was on the railing, it was not at all bothered by this assault. So, off I went to my favorite hardware store to find a solution.

I came home with a bottle of E-Z Deck Wash, which promised dramatic results with just a simple application, waiting 10 minutes, and washing it off.

How'd it do? Well, here's the before picture:

And here's the after:

Not too shabby for 5 minutes of applying, 10 minutes of waiting, and 3 minutes of washing off.

In general, the porch looks a whole lot better. I can see some streaking where some parts of the deck got more chemistry than others, but overall, it's a huge improvement.

A few other notes: (1) our porch is made of composite material which Deck Wash claims to be compatible with. I've now tested it, and it apparently is. (2) It's nasty stuff, so I'm glad I took the time to wear nitrile gloves and crummy old clothes.

Is this the perfect solution to cleaning a deck? Not sure. But, it did the job quickly and painlessly. So, until someone suggests otherwise, I'm sold!

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