Friday, November 11, 2011

Ice and Ice Cream - A Fun Day With Kids

What a fun day! We did ice skating with one kid, lunch and the most delicious dessert with another (oh yeah, the parents were there too, but who cares about them?). For our little figure skater, it was his first time ever on ice and he did amazingly well. Not only did he hold on tight as we made our way around the rink, but he was even able to go solo from his Mom to Shira (while I was snapping photos, of course). We did the ice skating at Pentagon Row, where for years we've seen people skating but finally tried it ourselves. Friday at 10am turns out to be a most excellent time to get on the ice, as we had the place to ourselves.

As for baby Aurora, she was so interactive today. She decided that my yapping away and constant hand gestures when I talked were especially delightful (which is a good thing, because that's just me). With her, we discovered The Dairy Godmother, a fun dessert spot. The pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin whoopie pie were both delicious.

I shot about 370 photos today, but thanks to Shira, they've been paired down to just a lean 16. Here you go:

(visit the full album)

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